Conference History – Sixth Edition

The International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance was organized in 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic on the 10th-12th of March. Between hours of thought-provoking seminars and networking, the free walking tour of the city, and the diversity of opinions – ICMEF 2023 was a memorable experience for everyone attending.

Conference Proceeding
Name Affliation Article title
Dr. Neelam Rani Indian Institute of Management Shillong, India Impact Ofspin-Off Restructuring Strategy: A Study of the Performance of the Parent Companies in India
Dr. Shivangi Chandel O.P. Jindal Global University, India Generalized Right of First Refusal and Endogenous Participation in Procurement Auctions
Dr. Shweta Jha Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, Investigating the Role of Psychological Risk, and Theory of Planned Behavior on Visitation Intention to ‘Dark Tourism’ Site
Prof Dr. Deepak Kumar Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, Credit Transactions of Informal Businesses: The Role of Financial Record-keeping and Digitization
Prof Dr. I Doun Kuo Tunghai University, Taiwan Resale options and stock prices
Ms. Minghan Yang University College London, United Kingdom The Analysis of US Price Index and Inflation Under Global Crises Based on PCEPI and Core PCEPI Data From 2019
Dr. Hashem Alshurafat The Hashemite University, Jordan The usefulness and challenges of chatbots for accounting professionals: application on ChatGPT
Dr. Abdallah Bader Alzoubi The Hashemite University, Jordan Enhancing Internal Control Effectiveness through the Joint Role of Forensic Accounting and Corporate Governance
Dr. Anna Nowacka The Mazovian Academy in Plock, Poland Development of the cooperative bank sector in selected Central and Eastern European countries
Dr. Mariola Szewczyk-Jarocka The Mazovian Academy in Plock,Poland Development of the cooperative bank sector in selected Central and Eastern European countries
Dr. Viorela Ligia Văidean “Babeș-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca Romania, What drives unemployment in Europe? A panel dataset analysis
Ms. Cynthia Onyangore International Sustainability Academy, Germany Multi-stakeholder partnerships in building sustainable value chains: Case study of Indigenous Vegetables value chain in Eldoret, Kenya
Prof Dr. Gayle Pohl University of Northern Iowa, United States Political Crises and Political Cartoons: Which Comes First in India’s Constitutional Amendment Bill?
Mr. Luyang  Chen Wenzhou-Kean University, China The influence of the turnover of independent board members on the company’s risk-taking behavior among Shanghai Stock Exchange 50
Dr. Koon Nam Henry Lee City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Stock and Residential Property Price in Emerging Markets of India and China: ‘Wealth’ versus ‘Credit-Price’ effect:
Ms. Xinyi Chen Wenzhou-Kean University, China The impact of the public offering REITs listing policy on Chinese infrastructure stock performance
Mr. Paschalis Kagias University of Western Macedonia, Greece Whistleblowing Process by using Porter’s Value Chain Model
Integrated Assessment tool for the decarbonisation of energy supply: an application to the Spanish electricity market
Mr. Vasileios Baratsas European University of Cyprus, Cyprus Risk management practice in the tourism and hospitality industry
Dr. Pavneet Singh Indian Institute of Management Amritsar, India Political Alignment and Economic Growth in India
Dr. Orhan Emre Elma Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey A Special Look into the Mining Companies in Borsa Istanbul with MCDA Methods
Mr. Horst Lechner Faculty of Business, Economics and Management, University of Latvia, Latvia Development of a model for the maturity-based determination of digitalisation’s degree of plants in the food-packaging-industry
Ms. Junada Sulillari “Fan S. Noli” University, Albania “An analysis of the funding challenges that a start-up has to deal with and the impact that it can have on the future of the company”
Dr. Jagan Kumar Sur Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, Does stock pledging affect corporate risk taking in debt maturity decision?
Mr. Dominik Svoboda Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic Speculation on squeezes
Prof Dr. Saakshi Jha Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, Is growth political? From the perspective of geopolitical risk
Mr. Alewijn Aidan K. Ong School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of the Philippines, Philippines To Incinerate, or Not to Incinerate, That Is the Question (Balancing Solid Waste Management and Sustainable Land Use in the Philippines)

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