Conference history – First Edition

The International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance was organized in 2019 in Berlin, Germany on the 15th-17th of March. Between hours of thought-provoking seminars and networking, the free walking tour of the city, and the diversity of opinions – ICMEF 2019 was a memorable experience for everyone attending.

So who attended ICMEF? Participants came from all over the world – Spain, the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Japan, Russia, Moldova, France, Germany and 25+ others. The conference was a premier opportunity for cross-border learning, which is why it was attended by all members of the academia – researchers, scholars, doctorate students, etc. On top of that, the topics attracted numerous representatives of for- and non-profit organizations as well as government agencies.

The agenda, carefully vetted by our prestigious scientific committee – featured over 30 presentations on topics ranging from utilization of social media, to lean thinking, to performance management. We were delighted to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants, encouraging us to continue organizing this event. That’s exactly what we are planning on doing, so make sure to register for the fifth edition of ICMEF. It’s the academic event of the year!