7thInternational conference on
Management, Economics and Finance
03-05 November 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to the 7th edition of Management Conference 2023!

A must-attend conference in the world of management, finance, and economics!

Join us at management conference 2023 to delve into all the newest improvements and trends seen in management, finance, and economics. Whether these developments are traditional or technological, access to them needs to be provided on local, national, and international levels. Hence, this conference focuses on the importance of stronger, more efficient information exchange methods and cross-border learning to make this a world-class event.

Our past management conferences have experienced significant successes with attendees arriving from all around the world, including Spain, the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Japan, Italy, Romania, Greece, Indonesia, and many others. The incredible diversity of our audience and their unique experiences inevitably lead to thought-provoking discussions, debates, and perspectives. 

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Don’t miss out on a truly enlightening event! Indulge in conversations and discourse with exceptionally talented researchers, experts, and scholars. Interact with accomplished academics and leaders of for- or non-profits to form networks and links for the future. Finally, gain a valuable educational experience by learning about topics and concepts carefully selected by our esteemed scientific committee.

ICMEF 2023 at a Glance

13 October 2023

Paper Submission

15 August 2023

Early Registration

24 October 2023

Late Registration

03-05 Nov 2023

Conference Dates

Speaking Possibilities at ICMEF 2023

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Enhance your resume as a speaker and present your work at this international economics, finance, and management conference. Become an oral or virtual speaker, or present a poster.

Why You Should Present at Management Conferences 2023

Boost your profile: You get to talk about your work and research in front of an impressive collection of academic experts, researchers, and scientists.

Get inspired: Engage in discourse with your audience and gain unique perspectives and views, inspiring your next research project.

Shape the future of the field: Shed some light on the main concerns in your field and work in a collaborative environment to find practical solutions.

Inspire others: Encourage and inspire others to start or present their own research, contributing to the global knowledge pool.

Meet the Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is made up of highly accomplished individuals who work tirelessly to maintain the resolute standards for all submissions received.

Each paper undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure it adheres to the strict standards of quality, relevancy, and authenticity.

Furthermore, each submission is also passed through a double-blind peer-review process which further assesses its content.

Finance, Economics, and Management Conference Topic List

management conference

Explore a global forum like no other. Management conference 2023 is accepting submissions in the following categories:

Management, Economics, Business, Finance. Other related tracks and topics will also be considered.

Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. If the abstract is accepted, the author agrees to send the full-text paper, including results, tables, figures, and references. All submissions should report original and previously unpublished research results no matter the type of research paper you are presenting. Full-text papers (.docx and .doc) will be accepted via the Electronic Submission Form. Manuscripts should meet the format set by the Conference committee and are subject to review.

Publishing Possibilities at ICMEF 2023

Academic conference Proceedings and Publication

The Abstracts of all accepted papers will be published in the Conference Abstract Book with ISBN Number. Full papers will have publication opportunities in various Indexed International Journals, including SCOPUS, Web of Science, DOAJ, and many more, or as a Book Chapter.

  • Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.
  • The abstract book/proceedings shall be submitted to Google Scholar for Indexing.
  • The Conference Proceedings will be published with an ISBN Number.
  • All papers have publication opportunities in various indexed international journals.

Plagiarism and Ethics Policies

The 7th International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance follows strict anti-plagiarism policies and, as such, checks every submission for plagiarism using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate. All articles submitted to the management conference first undergo a plagiarism check before being sent to our scientific committee for review. The submission will be automatically rejected at any time if found plagiarized. If you’d like to find out more information about the iThenticate software, click on the following link: https://www.crossref.org/services/similarity-check/

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Past Management Conferences in Pictures

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Advantages of Attending This Management Conference

Get educated on important topics and concepts at this noteworthy event. Watch talented speakers present their research in various subfields. There is no age to stop learning!

Present your research and findings to a host of distinguished academic experts, scholars, researchers, and other members of academia.

This step is crucial to solidify your name and research and elevate your career in the academic world.

Gain a valuable educational experience in addition to creating unforgettable memories in a new place.

For projects, collaborations, research, or even socially, this international management conference is the perfect spot to form connections and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Registration for Economics, Finance and Management Conference 2023

You can register to join this event as an attendee or presenter.

We also avail the option of attending or presenting at the management conference virtually!

Early Registration Deadline

15 August 2023
Authors (Students)€300


Authors (Regular)€360




Virtual Presentation€140

Late Registration Deadline

24 October 2023
Authors (Students)€360


Authors (Regular)€390




Virtual Presentation€160

Speakers from the Past

management conference

Rıfat Kamaşak

management conference

Koon Nam Henry LEE

Gayle Pohl

management conference

Viorela-Ligia Văidean

management conference

Wasan Sakulkijkarn

management conference

Fanny Fong Yee Chan

Martyna Jacenko

management conference

Wasan Sakulkijkarn

Join Our Free Guided Tour of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most fantastic Scandinavian cities and the center of the most dynamic region in Europe, the resund Region. The city is one of Europe’s oldest capitals with an exclusive royal touch – the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world. Because of the fascinating architecture, many parks, gourmet restaurants and other attractions Copenhagen is a very popular place to be. Copenhagen has been nominated the best city by several organizations for livability, sustainability and other factors. In Copenhagen you will find a wide range of entertainment, culture and shopping.

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Conference Venue

Copenhagen Island

Address: Kalvebod Brygge 53 1560 Copenhagen, Denmark